Cole Property, Carver

The CPA was adopted in Carver in April 2006 in large part to protect this property - 242-acres of agricultural land that was enrolled in the state’s Chapter .61A agricultural protection program.  According to Bob Bentley, Chair of the Carver CPC, “Focusing on this project during the CPA campaign really helped get CPA passed in Carver.  The open space issues drew the townspeople together.” The property has significant conservation value including wildlife habitat, an ancient Native American trail, and five acres of cranberry bogs.  The property also has great potential for providing a public water supply to a portion of the town. Since the property was acquired by the town, the cranberry bogs on site have been operated by volunteers. Local commercial cranberry growers are also chipping in to take care of the bogs.  During the annual Carver Day celebration, the bogs are open to the public for citizens to pick their own cranberries.