Kathy Roth Announces Her Departure; Coalition Seeking to Fill Associate Director Position

Kathy Roth steps down as the Coalition's Associate DirectorSeptember 30, 2016: Over the last 11 years, Kathy Roth has served as our Associate Director at the Community Preservation Coalition. Since joining the Coalition in 2005, she has assisted 110 communities as they put together their CPA adoption campaigns, fielded thousands of technical assistance questions for our CPA communities, and helped make the CPA program the thriving, statewide success it is today. Though it saddens us to say, Kathy has announced that she intends to step down from her position as Associate Director on October 6th. Kathy has been an invaluable member of the Coalition, and though it is impossible to express just how much she has contributed to the success of all that we do here, we'd like to thank her and congratulate her on her many accomplishments.

Because of Kathy's departure, we are now accepting applications for the position of Associate Director of the Community Preservation Coalition. This position is part of a three person team that advances the goals of CPA with municipalities, state agencies, nonprofit groups, media outlets, and the Massachusetts State Legislature. If you have experience with CPA and the passion to see its continued success, we encourage you to apply. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

The full job description and application can be found by clicking here.