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The Somerville Homeless Coalition will expand the PASS program, which provides rental assistance for up to two years, housing move-in assistance, supportive case management, and follow-up stabilization services to Somerville residents at risk of falling into homelessness, to approximately seven additional households.


CPA funds will benefit an estimated 7 Somerville households in time-limited rental assistance up to two years (approximately 4 families and 3 individuals).


CPA funds will benefit an estimated 7 Somerville households in time-limited rental assistance of up to two years.

Provincetown "Building Provincetown" Historic Building data book

Publication of historic building data book

Provincetown "Building Provincetown" Historic Building data book

Research and printing of historical book on properties throughout Provincetown

Edgartown "Cooke House" Chimney & Fireplace

Restoration of the chimney and fireplace at the historic Cooke House. The Cooke House is owned by the Martha's Vineyard Museum and is in the Historic District and on the Registry of Historic Places.

Edgartown "Cooke House" MV Museum

Historically preserve and restore outside of "Cooke House" circa 1730. Part of the MV Museum and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Edgartown "Cooke House" MV Museum 10

To finish restoration on the "Cooke House" at the MV Museum. The house is in the Historic District and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Edgartown "Old School" Study 09

Help pay for professional design service to convert cafeteria of the "Old School" into a theater and community space.

Edgartown "Pease House" MV Museum

Restoration of the "Pease House" roof at the MV Museum. The Pease House houses many historical artifacts important to the history of Martha's Vineyard.

Bedford #12-Old Burial Ground Reconstruction-from Hist Prop Preserv Fd

Reconstruction of the Old Burial Ground's southern stone wall using funds previously appropriated into the "Historic Properties Preservation Fund" articles dated 3/25/08. $22,500 was transferred from into this new article for the specific project leaving a balance of $174,099 in the article dated 3/25/08.

Bedford #13-Shawsheen Pump House-from Hist Prop Preserv Fd

Shawsheen Pump House

Bedford #14-Freight House Deck/Railing Replac- from Hist Prop Preserv Fd

Replacement of Bedford Freight House deck and railings.

Groton #2005-02 Conservation Fund

For a conservation fund to be managed by the Conservation Commission, for the purpose of open space acquisition

Groton #2005-02 Conservation Fund

Transfer of $185,000 from unallocated reserve to the conservation fund.

Groton #2005-06 Sargisson Beach Docks

To create swimming and boating areas on Sargisson Beach with new docks

Groton #2005-07 Groton Community Wide Preservation Project

For a survey of historic resources and structures in the town to plan for upcoming historic preservation projects.

Groton #2005-09 Fitch's Bridge

For a contract to develop a structural design for the restoration of the 107-year-old Fitch's Bridge, to make it suitable for use as a pedestrian and equestrian bridge

Groton #2006-01 Surrenden Farm

Acquisition of a parcel of land for permanent use as open space, passive recreation, and agriculture. The entire parcel is 322 acres, with the Town owning 186 of those acres and the Groton Conservation Trust owning 136 acres. The Town holds a conservation restriction on the Groton Conservation Trust land and Mass Department of Fisheries and Wildlife holds a conservation restrion on the Town's land.

Groton #2006-02 Chicopee School #7 Rehabilitation

To return the Chicopee School to its original function by extensively rehabilitating its interior. The current Chicopee School was constructed in 1833, and has retained its original features.

Groton #2006-03 Historic Documents Preservation

To protect town records covering more than 300 years

Groton #2006-05 Groton Community Wide Preservation Project

For the second segment of the project which will continue to document pre-historic and historic structures/resources in the Town of Groton/West Groton begun during FY06. Segment #2 will also create a list of resources eligible for National Historic Register designation, and identify locations of possible archeological assets

Groton #2006-06 Norris property open space creation

For demolition and removal of the buildings and septic system to create open space on the Norris property so that the Town can comply with the requirements of the conservation restriction on the property

Groton #2006-09 Wharton Plantation Foot Bridges

To preserve foot bridges on the New England Forestry Foundation Wharton Plantation property

Groton #2006-10 Prescott School Application for NHR Designation

To hire a professional consultant to advise the Prescott School's application for National Historic Register designation. NHR designation will provide national recognition of the historic nature of this building and protect it from any potential demolition

Groton #2006-11 Lost Lake Fire Station Basketball Court

To build a basketball court behind the Lost Lake Fire Station

Groton #2007-01 Historic Documents Preservation Project

To protect town records covering more than 300 years

Groton #2007-03 Feasibility Study for Squannacook Hall Renovations

For a feasibility study to investigate issues associated with renovating a town-owned building dating from 1887.

Groton #2007-07 Survey of Cemetery Parcel

To conduct survey of approximately 0.7 acres of Groton Cemetery land prior to transferring the land to the Town of Groton.

Groton #2007-08 Conservation Fund

For a conservation fund to be managed by the Conservation Commission, for the purpose of open space acquisition

Groton #2007-09 Community Wide Preservation Project

Phase Three of the Community Wide Preservation Project seeks to continue what Projects #1 and #2 started. The Historic Commission through the efforts of our Historic Preservation consultant are identifying and logging information on all historic homes throughout Groton. This project has also focused on assembling the same information for historic schools and related structures that exist in Groton.

Groton #2007-11 Squannacook River Rail Trail Environmental and Engineering Assessment

To fund an environmental and engineering assessment of a 0.9 mile section of the Peterborough and Shirley railroad.

Groton #2007-12 Groton's Affordable Housing Implementation Plan

To identify all town-owned land suitable for affordable housing, complete feasilility studies on preferred sites and look at feasibily of establishing a Community Development Corporation for Groton

Groton #2007-13 Community Housing Feasibility Study - Nashua Road

To conduct feasibility and pre-development study on parcel of land on Nashua Road owned by the Groton Housing Authority

Groton #2010-01 Field of Dreams

Construction of baseball field on town-owned land

Groton #2010-02 Conservation Fund

Transfer funds to Conservation Fund

Westford (2) Affordable Housing Properties - Habitat for Humanity

For the construction of two affordable housing properties located at 75 Graniteville Rd and any other related costs.

Weymouth * FAKE * test project entry

fake project

West Bridgewater .Purchase Williams property

Purchase Williams property for open space

Barnstable 0 Sandy Neck Rd - 14.12 acres

Acquisition of a 14.12 acre parcel for open space and recreation

Groton 016-01 Accessible Trail Project

Construction of a trail in the J. Harry Rich State Forest accessible by wheelchair to a sight overlooking the Nashua River.

Groton 016-02 Conservation Fund

Transfer of CPA funds to Groton Conservation Fund

Groton 016-05 ADA Compliant Part and Open Space Study

Study to improve accessibility of Groton's parks and open space to visitors with disabilities.

Cambridge 1-3 Marcella St

Homeowner's Rehab, Inc. purchased this 16-unit building to rehabilitate and preserve vital low-income rental housing in Cambridge. The project has a mix of family sized two-and three-bedroom units and four studio apartments. HRI has replaced the building's heating system and gas line and is renovating the kitchens and bathrooms in each unit, providing quality rental units with long-term affordability.

Gloucester 10 Taylor Street Condominiums

The Gardner Company proposes to acquire a vacant 4,318 s.f. lot, currently owned by the Gloucester Housing Authority and construct three affordable new condominiums, in accordance with plans approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals. All of the units will be sold to pre-qualified, income eligible, first-time buyers at prices no greater than $125,000 for 2, two-plus bedroom townhouses and 1, one-bedroom handicap accessible unit. at $90,000. These prices will allow households earning approximately 60-70% of the area median income to qualify for purchase. All units will be deed restricted as permanently affordable, meet the requirements of the Local Initiative Program (LIP) of the Department of Housing and Community Development, and count towards the City's subsidized housing inventory. Multiple funding sources will combine to achieve the balance of the required $140,000 - $150,000 project subsidy. Construction financing will be provided by BankGloucester. The 10 Taylor Street Condominium project will revitalize an existing vacant lot in central Gloucester, and provide affordable housing in an established neighborhood. The site is within walking distance of Main Street, the waterfront and CATA bus service. CPA funding will be used to offset all project expenses, including land acquisition, site improvements, building construction and project management.

Newton 10-12 Cambria Rd Community Housing

Rehabilitate an existing 2-family house as two, 2-bedroom rental units, permanently affordable to households at 50% and 80% of the area median income. This project's perpetual affordability restriction is recorded on Book 67169, Page 105, at the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds. For additional information, see:

Northampton 100 - Beaver Brook & Broad Brook Cons Area - BBC & LCA

Rehabilitation of a six acre portion of the Beaver Brook/Broad Brook Greenway, including a wildlife blind, trails, picnic tables and habitat improvements.

Somerville 100 Homes Initiative

The goal of the 100 Homes Program is to create affordable units by acquiring existing properties that represent a mix of single and multi-bedroom units, and rent them to households with mix of incomes at affordable rent levels. The initiative is building on the success of the 100 Homes pilot funded in FY15.

Somerville 100 Homes Initiative Pilot

The Somerville Community Corporation will pilot its 100 Homes Initiative, which will secure affordability in the existing housing market.

Cohasset 100 Sohier St Playground

Plans and improvements to playground.