Angino Farm Acquisition, Newton

Originally settled in the late 1600s, the Angino farm property was bought in 1917 by the Italian immigrant Angino family. In 2005, after 350 years of agricultural use, the property was the last working farm within Newton’s city bounds. Using CPA funds, the city of Newton was able to acquire this historic property when the landowner, Jerry Angino, passed away.  The 2.25 acre parcel, though small in size, included a historic barn and farmhouse and embodied centuries of local agricultural history. Had the town not acquired the property, it was slated to become a $3.75 million condominium development. 
The farm is now the site of a thriving all-organic community supported agriculture (CSA) project run for the city by the nonprofit Newton Community Farm, Inc.. The farmhouse has been renovated and permanently deed restricted as an affordable unit, which houses the resident farmer hired to oversee farm operations. The land is intensively farmed to provide locally grown produce through the farm’s CSA, farm stand and local farmers markets. Additionally, a portion of the food grown on-site is donated to people in need through the Newton Food Pantry. Educational and volunteer programs are also offered at the site to area youth. Additional work is planned for the site's historic barn, also using CPA funds.
For more information, see the Newton Community Farm's website.