Latest CPA News

The Arlington CPA Campaign
On November 4, voters in Arlington, Massachusetts will vote on whether to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and implement a 1.5% surcharge on local real estate tax bills to raise funds for CPA purposes.
The Berkley CPA Campaign
At their June annual town meeting, Berkley residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of a November 4 ballot question on adopting the Community Preservation Act (CPA) with a 1 % surcharge on local real estate tax bills.
The Woburn CPA Campaign
On November 4, voters in Woburn, Massachusetts, will decide whether to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and implement a 1% CPA surcharge on local property tax bills.
CPA Campaigns Rev Up as November Election Approaches
In less than one month, voters in six towns and two cities across the Commonwealth will take their turn at the ballot to decide on whether the Community Preservation Act is right for their community.
Want to Learn More about CPA and Affordable Housing?
Start by attending one of the North Shore Regional Housing Forum this fall, which features local presentations each month on leveraging CPA funds to meet your community's housing needs.
Town of Canton Seeks CPA Administrative Staff
The Town of Canton is looking to hire a CPA Administrator to support their community's implementation of the Community Preservation Act.
The New Bedford CPA Campaign
With unanimous support from the City Council, on July 31, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell signed a city ordinance placing the question of whether to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) with a 1.5% surcharge on local property taxes on the city’s November ballot.
The Boxborough CPA Campaign
At the spring 2014 Town Meeting, Boxborough residents approved putting a question on the November ballot to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) with a 1% surcharge on local property taxes.
When CPA Funds a Housing Trust, a Grant Agreement is a Must!
Coalition publishes sample grant agreement for appropriations to Housing Trusts
New Bedford Business Leaders Endorse Community Preservation Act
The New Bedford Economic Development Council cites CPA's benefits to local economies and community well-being among the reasons why they are taking a strong stance in favor of CPA as the November election approaches.
Boston Globe Endorses State Contribution to CPA Trust Fund
In a recent editorial, The Boston Globe highlights the importance of the state's recent finanicial committments toward community preservation work across the Commonwealth.
Would you like help with your CPA affordable housing projects?
New Bedford Mayor Moves CPA to State Election Ballot
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell signed the Community Preservation Act city ordinance, placing the question of CPA adoption on the November 4th election ballot.
Governor Patrick signs FY15 Budget with $25 Million for CPA
At the base of the State House's Grand Staircase, Governor Deval Patrick signed the fiscal year 2015 budget, making the transfer of $25 million from the FY2014 budget surplus to the state CPA Trust Fund official.
Remembering Wellfleet's Barbara Gray: CPA and Preservation Champion Leaves Lasting Impact
CPA lost a dedicated advocate recently with the passing of former State Representative and Wellfleet Community Preservation Committee member Barbara Gray, 86.